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Our Vision

Urban and indoor farming are the future, but traditional farming methods and tools won’t always translate from the field to the indoor farm.

At Trella Technologies, we create energy-efficient and globally-scalable solutions to problems unique to the indoor farming industry.

In an aim to ensure the industry’s longevity for future generations, we're diversifying the types of plants that can be grown indoors with sustainable, automated plant-training robotics.

Our Story

Trella was born from CEO, Aja N. Atwood's struggle to grow tall plants in a small basement. So she did what anyone would do (at least any mechanical engineer), and began a deep dive into researching the problem.

Through this, she discovered the idea of training plants to grow horizontally. Also apparent was that the existing methods were all manual and labor-intensive.

Together with fellow inventor, Andres "Dre" Chamorro III, they prototyped, built, and built again, Trella's unique plant-training solution. At every step, they got input from experienced growers, incorporating feedback and improving the design.