grow tall plants in small spaces
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The Founding Team


Our Vision

Trella provides technical, innovative solutions to make indoor and urban farming a sustainable, long-lasting industry. The agriculture industry is changing, and we believe that urban and indoor farming are the future. Trella creates solutions to problems unique to indoor farming in responsible, energy-efficient ways that bolster the global farming community. The first step on that journey is to change the landscape of indoor farming by diversifying what can be grown in that environment. As the industry grows, we'll grow with it, staying flexible to keep up with agriculture's exciting future.

Our Why

Indoor farming's future is only as strong as the community that supports it, both big and small. As we move into unexplored territory, we feel a responsibility as a good corporate citizen to share our innovations with those who are putting indoor farming to the best use. From day one, we've promised to gift a large number of units to non-profits, caregivers, and growers serving urban "food deserts". As Trella grows, so will the community.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

For a certain amount of units sold to commercial growers, Trella will gift 1 unit to independent growers* to empower the indoor farming community on all levels.

*Such as state registered medicinal cannabis caregivers and non-profit urban farmers serving "food deserts".


Meet The Team

Trella was born from CEO, Aja N. Atwood's struggle to grow tall plants in a small basement. So she did what anyone would do (at least any mechanical engineer), and began a deep dive into researching the problem. Through this, she discovered the idea of training plants to grow horizontally. Also apparent was that the existing methods were all manual and labor-intensive. Together with fellow inventor, Andres "Dre" Chamorro III, they prototyped, built, and built again, Trella's unique plant-training solution. At every step, they got input from experienced growers, incorporating feedback and improving the design.



Aja Atwood - CEO

Aja is an entrepreneur, team-leader, and cannabis advocate with over 15 years of experience in the engineering industry. She is a mechanical engineer by education and graduated cum laude from Northeastern University. She cut her teeth professionally as an engineering consultant and specialist, working in natural catastrophe risk engineering, and by 2011 started her first entrepreneurial businesses. Through these experiences, Aja honed her technical skills, fostered the engineering talent of her team, and learned valuable lessons along the way. Aja’s business ethos is rooted in the belief that success comes from creating innovative technologies that can be shared with communities that need them the most.

Andres "Dre" Chamorro III - VP of Engineering

Dre has more than 15 years of experience engineering a variety of devices, primarily for the medical industry. He currently holds more than 20 patents, and has another 38 patents pending. A seasoned manager, he led in-house engineering teams, design firms, and consultants through the process of problem identification, solution design, proof of concept, product manufacturing, and introduction of market. "Dre" was part of the founding team at Cambridge Endoscopic Devices, Inc. where he developed 29 products the company successfully brought to market. He attended Northeastern University's Mechanical Engineering Technology program.