Our Beta Testing Program

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STEP ONE: To become eligible for BETA testing, please complete our Indoor Farming Survey. As an added bonus, you’ll be automatically entered into our “Win a Free Unit” raffle.

STEP TWO: Based on responses received we’ll select a group of BETA testers. If selected, you will be contacted via email. You will also receive a BETA testing participant proposal and agreement for your review and signature.

Please note in order to become a BETA tester you must meet the below minimum conditions:

  • Currently growing in the United States (residential or commercial)

  • Must be older than 21 yrs. of age.

  • Must be willing to communicate openly and freely with the Trella Team. This may include the need to allow visitation by a Trella team member, or the ability to stream video recording of the unit in use. We may want to visit your grow!

  • All participants must be in legal compliance with their states’ regulations.

STEP THREE: GROW! GROW! GROW! and share your feedback and comments with the Trella Team.