See the TrellaGro LST in first episode of "I’ll Just Talk"​

Last week, the TrellaGro LST™ made its first public appearance in the debut episode of Trella Technologies new video series, “I’ll Just Talk” with cofounder and CEO Aja N. Atwood. Filmed on location in the Trella Lab, “I’ll Just Talk” was created to give growers, investors, engineers and others an inside look at the work Team Trella is doing to revolutionize indoor farming.

In addition to showing the 5th and current model of the TrellaGro LST complete with a live plant, Aja talked about how she and co-founder Andres “Dre” Chamorro III developed their first prototypes and built their team of engineers, designers and marketing professionals. She also shared some tips about different plant training methods and strain selection, how to get involved with the Trella Growers Club, and more, including the latest hemp regulations news in Massachusetts.

Click the image below to watch the first episode of "I'll Just Talk" with Aja, and subscribe to Trella on YouTube to stay connected with future episodes.