Sustainable Growing, Plant Count Limits & Waste

Trella cofounder Andres “Dre” Chamorro and I created the TrellaGroLST to make the most out of one plant. And we created it because there are distinct and varied needs for a solution like ours:

1.      Plant count limitations: For patients and others growing cannabis at home, the law often limits the number of plants an adult can grow at home. The TrellGroLST can help growers yield more than 1 lb of harvested flower from just one little seedling!

2.      Plant waste is a serious problem for growers. The more plants we grow, the more materials and nutrients we need. The TrellaGroLST helps cannabis cultivators reduce waste and energy costs by making the most of one plant and helping it grow bigger, faster.

I talked about this in detail in the latest episode of “I’ll Just Talk”, and also shared some of the changes and challenges Trella has faced as we’ve developed different models of the TrellaGroLST.

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