Would Indoor Saved Oregon Hemp Farmers $25 Million?

$25 Million is the potential price tag a group of Central Oregon hemp farmers faces after golf-sized hail and severe thunderstorms devastated their crops earlier this month. Between 400-500 acres of CBD-rich hemp plants damaged or destroyed. Making things more troubling for the farmers is the lack of experience they’ve had with this type of loss, and only time will tell how resilient the damaged plants will be.

After working for years as an engineer focused on natural catastrophe risk engineering, I couldn’t help but wonder if an indoor operation could have better weathered the storms and saved the crops. Could something like the TrellaGro LST™ have helped?

If you’ve been following my company Trella Technologies’ journey on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen us in the lab tinkering, refining and collaborating on the next model of our automated horizontal plant training system, the TrellGro LST. We work hard because we believe the TrellaGro LST can revolutionize indoor farming and help protect our food chain –and cannabis crops—from damaging weather and other natural disasters. Learn more about Trella here.