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With horizontal plant training, every branch gets optimum light to increase your yield per plant by more than 20% when compared to manual plant training methods.

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Automated plant training frees up your time to focus on more important tasks or to just take a vacation - without worrying about your plants.

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Gentle and gradual training minimizes stress and helps you grow healthier plants in less time - with no need to prune.

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Don’t let lack of vertical space get in your way! Grow your favorite tall strains, fruits or vegetables year-round.

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You control the climate. Let Trella control the plant.

How It Works - Part One.gif

Part One: Vegetation

Stage One: Place a seedling in Trella’s patent-pending device. Turn the power on and select your plant’s growth parameters.

Stage Two: Let it control the plant! Watch as it gently guides the plant to grow horizontally during the “vegetation” phase. It’s completely automated, no pruning or training required.

Track growth rate and environmental conditions around your plant on your phone or PC!

Part Two: Flowering

Stage Three: Allow it to stretch towards overhead lights during the “flowering” phase by removing the top mesh panel. For plants with heavy flowers, such as tomatoes, use the “flower support” columns and attach the flower support grid, as needed.

Stage Four: Harvest time is easy. Simply remove the side mesh panel, cut the plant at the main stem to harvest whole or in pieces as preferred.

Works with any grow light or grow media. For use on the floor or in racks!

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