Breaking The Grass Ceiling: Eight Women Who Are Ruling Cannabis

Aja Atwood, co-founder of Trella Technologies, combined her interest in cannabis with her background in mechanical engineering when she helped launched the company. With its clever design, Trella’s space-efficient and automated setup is the perfect solution for growing tall plants in small spaces or in urban settings. With a combination of innovation and community spirit (Trella plans to gift units to nonprofits, caregivers and growers serving urban “food deserts”), this company is one to watch with Atwood at the helm.


When people think of startups, they often imagine ideas written on napkins and late nights brainstorming in the basement.  I assure you, Aja Atwood’s start up, Trella, is not your average startup. She’s light years ahead of the curve creating solutions to indoor farming needs and specifically the space concerns in urban farming.  How amazing is that?!

Women in Cannabis: These 9 Women Are Stirring the Pot in Massachusetts

As Massachusetts looks at making recreational marijuana available for adult-use, it is simultaneously legalizing a large but illicit industry while making it conducive for a startup system to flourish. As the retail cannabis industry looks to reach a billion dollars by 2020, it is inevitably attracting top talent — with a lot of diversity.

Women On Top: Women Of Color Reveal All About Working In The Cannabis Industry

As more markets enter the cannabis industry, the social inequalities that exist in the United States workforce are likely to roll over into this new field. Indeed, the burgeoning industry is not immune to the domination of rich white men. It’s not immune to excluding people of color, especially women. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Cannabis Industry Continues to Grow as High as Sativa Strains

The legalization of cannabis has spread throughout 29 U.S. states thus far, and despite the controversy over the substance, it’s likely to continue expanding across the country. For Massachusetts — the first New England state to legalize cannabis — conversation has sparked between entrepreneurs, innovation start-ups, tech companies and venture capitalists, among others. This month, the MIT Enterprise Forum (MITEF) of Cambridge invited all to join a spectrum of cannabis cognoscenti across business, academia, and technology to bring their insights and expertise on the topic.