grow tall plants in small spaces
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Our Patent-Pending Design

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Grow tall plants in small spaces.




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Where do you currently ship to?

‣Right now, we only deliver to The U.S. & Canada, In time, though, we will expand our market to other international customers.

•How does TrellaGro LST™ increase yield?

‣Whether you manually train your plant or not, TrellaGro LST™ has the capability to expand your yield by 25 - 40%. See our Sustainable Farming Yield Comparison Study to learn about training your plants for more insight into increasing your yield.

•What plants can be grown?

‣TrellaGro LST™ is designed for fruit or flower bearing plants that grow taller than 3 ft.

•What types of grow media can be used?

‣TrellaGro LST™ has shown to work in all types soil, hydroponics and aeroponics, as long as the growth medium container fits within the the container’s “Max Dimension” requirements for potted plants (soil) or grow trays (hydroponic or aeroponic). See Technical Details for specifics.

•What types of lights can you use?

‣You can use any type of light, including LED, HPS, CMH and fluorescent. Please note that lights are not included in your delivery.

•How many plants can you fit into one TrellaGro LST™ unit?

‣Our units designed to make the most of out of one plant, especially bushy plants. However, if you wanted to experiment with plants that had less foliage or density, we would love to hear about your results so that we can evolve our outlook.

•Do you offer custom sizes?

‣We have found that TrellaGro LST™ works in various designs. If your workspace could benefit from something different, we would love to talk to you about how you don’t have to miss out on TrellaGro LST™ due to space allowance. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs:

•What are the benefits of the TrellaGro LST™ app?

‣Remote monitoring and access. You can also track the growth rate of your plants, including environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and CO2.

•What do I need for the app?

‣An internet connection is required and recommended. Take a look at this video to discover all you can about using our app.

•How does the app track growth rate?

‣The TrellGro LST™ app monitors and tracks the growth of your plant using our patent-pending technology. You will be able to choose which units you would like to monitor your plants. For example, inches per day or centimeters per hour.

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