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Innovative technology. Built in the USA.

The TrellaGro LST is now available for purchase at a deeply discounted introductory price! Early adopters of our transformative technology can save on both the TrellaGro LST Models 4 and 6 – and experience a very special delivery event with their purchase. Scroll down to learn more about the available models and pricing options!


Assembled, Ready to Grow

Models arrive fully-assembled so you’re ready to start your first horizontal grow.


Try it Worry-Free

Experience a 150 day trial for your first harvest. If TrellaGro LST is not right for you, we’ll pick it up and refund your entire order.


Free Delivery Option

Your model will be available for pick-up at special Trella events in select regions. Meet Team Trella, get some education, and leave with your TrellaGro LST.

Model 4

More compact, best suited for tight areas or stacked farming

Model 6

A bit robust, best suited for those with more space.


The TrellaGro LST Model 4 is the more compact version, and is well suited for the home grower. The TrellaGro LST Model 6 is for commercial cultivators or those with a bit more space to let their plants grow even taller, horizontally. All orders will be fully assembled and delivered free of charge at special Trella events in Worcester, MA, Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL and Oklahoma City, OK in summer 2020. Alternative delivery options are available for those not able to pick-up their TrellaGro LST models for an additional fee.